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November 10 2013


How To Bypass And Skip Adfly, Linkbucks And Adfocus Pages

Enter your favourite website in the big white box and click Shrink! Making money with links depend on which model you are choosing. As example in Malaysia, there are social media program like ChurpChurp, Says.my and Blin.gd which have the pay per click system. Placing too many shorted url can be quite exhausting for your visitors. Now you should have a nice list of recently released hot of the press tracks to cash in on. However, what if that concept were expanded to every link that you put up? If you are going to make a killing with this method, your video has got to rank high enough on the most popular search term for your song! Generally you will need to have a great volume of ad impressions to earn a significant amount of money through adfly. Usually you will be paid for every valid click for certain amount. However, part of their service includes inserting a short advertisement into the link as well. Very often if not daily, a new song or mix tape is released from some very famous artists. Tutorial for new members, how to use adfly and everything related to adfly Good way to make money. If you do this actively you can get thousands of clicks on your links each day. Once you finish that you are ready to begin making money. If you liked this article so you would like to acquire more info with regards to adf.ly bot nicely visit our own web site. So if you're a famous person or has a great way to get referrals online this is for you. It may not seem like a lot but money quickly adds up and if you have any good idea on how to get people to click on your own links you could be earning well over $50 per month simply by creating links. A book that can teach you methods to earn just by simply getting people to click links?
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How To Make Big Money With Adfly

The amount of money you can make with your Adfly links depends on where the people who click your Adfly links are located. adf.ly bot Youtube is one of the harder but more beneficial as it goes. If you run a website or blog you could simply put up one of their banners on your site and if anyone clicks on them and signs up you will get a referral. You can also generate cash with Adf.ly through a recommendation system. I Then set up a pof account ( any dating website would work ) pretending to be my hot ewhore but i watermarked my display picture with my Dot.Tk link , in my pof account description i put ' dont think im fake because i have a link to another website on my picture if you actually bother to check the website you will see it is me ' Along the side of that i comment on random videos on youtube with a fake youtube account using the same 'ewhore' , i normally comment something relevant however it doesn't really matter what you comment if you comment anything and your picture is a girl with nice big boobs your gunna get thumbs up whatever haha. When you click urls shortened by these services, you will first be taken to an ad page; where you wait for 5 seconds before the appearance of the link to the target url. and adfly will pay you $4 for 1000 unique pageviews. Free Traffic For Your Adfly Links. I am going to write an ebook which can be given away for free. Somehow I know that made a lot of sense. This is the easiest but the least beneficial. The next step to making sure your video spearheads straight to the top of YouTube search, or close enough to bank hard on Adfly, is actually really simple. How To Make Money With AdFly. Its up to you which one you want to choose. make money with adfly clicker If you are here visiting this blog, maybe you are already aware about Making Money With Links.
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